Formule 1 teckel
Henny Laumen is a sculpture artist with more than 20 years of experience in designing ceramic artworks and utensils. The pure and raw feel of ceramics in combination of the ceramic combination with industrial Volkswagen Beetle elements characterize his current style.
Upcycled art
Upcycled art is a relatively new art movement that focuses on re-using materials and objects. Re-using and re-designing materials gives a good example of the industrialization within our society (in my case from the car-industry).
The art movement contributes to the consciousness that earth natural resources are limited and motivates to be frugal and conscious with resources and materials. Upcycling gives depreciated materials a new sustainable life/future.
Statement of the artist
In my current collection I transform old Volkswagen Beetle elements into new art objects. Mostlycombined with handmade ceramics elements of my own. My first car when I was young was a Volkswagen Beetle and I enjoyed riding the car for years. Due to the nostalgia I kept the car and renovated it 13 years ago. Many parts of the car had to be replaced, and therefor I bought a scrap car and I totally dismantled it. This is why I posses multiplespare Beetle elements.
A few years ago, the heater pot/heat exchanger caught my eye and I transformed it into a Formula 1- Dachshund (racing car/dog), in combination with custom ceramic additions. This is how my first industrially related work of art unfolded. You understand that I became inspired to transform more Beetle elements/parts. In a period of about4 to 5 years I have made more than 35 Volkswagen Beetle artworks. I provided some of the artworks with a user function, such as lighting.
After thoroughly search, I discovered that my method of up cycling Volkswagen Beetle parts is unique. My kind of art has not yet been applied to other classic car brands, and all the applied ceramic elements/sculpture are my own developed designs. The popularity of vintage cars has also increased enormously in recent years. Many enthusiasts and investors cherish these cars. Partly because of this, vintage cars and their elements have increased exponentially in value and the interest has been increased.
Volkswagen Beetle elements that I included in my artworks are: 
Heat exchanger/heater pot, rear window. Jacks, gearbox, headlight (glass) and reflectors, candle, odometer, power distributor, air supply hose, tail light, alarm indicator, door handle inside, 2 different types of front fender flashing light, windshield wiper, starter motor, alternator, small lamp 12 v, spark plugs, front bumper, power distributor, windshield washer expansion tank , fuel tank, ventilation switch, wheel covers, parts of the gearbox, carburetor, draft window, exhaust pipes, windshield wiper motor, air filter, steering, complete headlight, trailer hitch, handbrake-rubber, door handle outside